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Build your network of loyal supporters

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Your Supporters are Golden

When it comes to business, building your network is golden.

Not only do your supporters help guide you, they also help build and add value to your business.

Having the right network around you helps contribute to your business by helping you:

  • Think outside the square.

  • Offer you a new perspective.

  • Point you in the right direction when you don’t know where to look or what to do.

  • A genuine network become your trusted friends, and friends are always happy to refer business to the friends they trust, that they are experts in their field.

Networking – which is important too; is not the same thing as building your network. You do networking to build your network.

So how do you find your network?

Networking Groups: A good place to start is networking groups. Finding genuine connections that are at the same stage of your business journey as you are – or someone that is already experienced, that you can draw from when you have ideas or problems you need help answering.

We’d recommend starting with your local Chamber of Commerce, when looking for networking groups to join.

Social or Sporting Clubs: Again, you may find great people, with great ideas here. These clubs are the perfect place to form great connections without agenda networking.

Children: Often you’ll find your child’s friends’ parents become your champions too, as they get to know you and trust you.

Mentors & Consultants: The key here is to find people that contribute to your business, especially if you are paying for their time – it needs to be of value.

Social Media and Online: Gone are the days where you could only draw from people locally. With all sorts of online groups and chats, you can connect with people on the other side of the world. So search out groups that again, will add value.

One of our clients has an online network. The 6 members are based all over New Zealand and Australia and come together once a week through group calling to discuss their achievements and struggles.

Once you’ve established your network of ‘go to’ people, make sure that you keep in touch regularly. You may even want to start your own networking group with them all and introduce them to each other. If you can’t physically all be there, do it online through video chat or calling.

So wherever you look for the people to build your network, remember be genuine yourself, you may have to give a little of yourself first but focus on the right people – the ones that give back.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘surround yourself with the people that help build you up, not take you down.’ As true as it is in your personal life – it is also true when it comes to building your business.

For more information about building your network or other ways to build your business contact our team today.


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