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Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Facebook Cover Page Changes

Is the Facebook Business Page now competing with Websites on the Internet?

Is Facebook Search competing with Google Search?

Facebook’s most recent updates, to the Facebook Cover Page Media, look set to make the ‘Web-search competition a little more interesting.’

Facebook is constantly updating its platform. Why – you ask? To keep people (the Facebook user) engaged with its platform.

Like any business, if you weren’t constantly making improvements to your business, it becomes stale and you run a great risk of loosing valued customers.

So over the past few weeks Facebook has rolled out 2 major changes to the Business Page.

  1. Now you can upload a Video in place of your static Cover Photo image – working much like a Slider on your Website. You can check out our video on our Facebook Page HERE

  2. Your short description about your business now sits over your Cover Photo/ Media Image (See photo above, but ours in now removed from our Facebook Page now that the video plays.)- although, this is currently in testing stage and may not yet be available on all pages just yet.

Facebook are strong leaders in the IT world and now inadvertently (or could it be a very well planned strategy) giving Google Search a run for its money.

Once where everyone used to use Google Search to find out about a business, now people are using Facebook to search. Did you know the average Facebook user now uses the platform for 40 minutes a day? They are not moving off their Facebook App on their mobiles device to Chrome to search anymore, which used to be the norm.

The Key takeaways from this:

  1. If you are a business and not on Facebook – you need to be, even if it’s just to be searchable.

  2. Try Uploading a Video – Facebook love it when you try out their new updates and tools – helping you get a little more organic reach.

For more information about these and other Facebook changes, or if you need help or some training to set up a Facebook Business Page – give Amy a call today 021 1231 778 or send us a message from our Contact Page and we’ll get in touch with you.


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