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Fundraising Event Marketing

Updated: May 6

French pass garden fundraiser

Recently the Marketing Team at Tag helped with a local fundraiser.

A local grandmother wanted to help contribute funds to send her talented grandson to Spain for the Futsal World Cup, so she opened her private garden to the public for an entry fee.

Unsure of how to market the event, she talked to us.

We set up a Facebook Page for her - French Pass Garden, created a Facebook Event, and took photographs and videos of the garden for regular social media posts. We utilised Posts, Stories, and Reels. The Reels did exceptionally well for organic reach, but the Event and Posts had little to no organic reach, as there weren't many Page followers.

So because Facebook's organic reach is so low, we used paid advertising to reach more people. We also asked key people involved to share the event on their personal Facebook profiles - and advised them to change the post settings so that anyone could see and share it. Along with this, we shared the event on a few local Facebook group pages too.

As a result of the Facebook advertising, a large gardening group from Auckland booked a private visit, as they were coming down to visit gardens in Hamilton and wanted to support the event too (and see the garden).

Other marketing included signage around town, flyer drops at retirement villages, and garden centres. This is where the key demographic audience were.

Sign advertising event in the middle of Cambridge

Newspaper snippet of the fundraiser

Through Facebook, the Waikato Times also saw the event and kindly did an article for the paper. Read the full article here >>>

Along with all of the above, another fundraising medium we advised to do was a sponsored Tee Shirt. Businesses and/or people paid to have their names and logos printed on a Tee Shirt that the grandson would wear.

Our team at Tag contributed to this, for our branding awareness, as believed it would be a tee shirt that would be well-worn for longer than the tournament itself. This was printed by The Branding Shed here in Cambridge.

Customised shirt with all of the supporters

The event itself ended up being a great success. All involved were very happy.

Over 200 people visited the Garden Fundraiser, far surpassing their expectations.

Where did all the attendees come from?

A lot were from word of mouth, but the majority were from Facebook and the Waikato Times article.

So our 3 top tips when advertising your business or an event like this ...

1. Work out where your demograhic/s are and advertise on the platforms they use.

2. Marketing gravity is important, so get the wheels turning in more than one place. To be seen lots, you might need to be in multiple places.

3. Be consistent and present. On social, if this is where your audience is, post engaging content and if you are going to rely on organic reach - get sharing! We do advise that paying to reach more people has good ROI, especially for the cost to do it.

If you need help with marketing your business or event, don't hesitate to get in touch.

For full transparency 'the grandmother" did get a bit of a family discount, as was Amy's Mum 😂


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