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Major Change To Xero Invoicing

Xero has had two options for invoicing for several years now, but they have just announced they are finally retiring their classic invoicing on the 2nd of September 2024. 

So what does that mean for Xero users? 

Xero is well known for its innovation with its invoicing process and this will be another step in improving Xero’s systems. 

The new invoicing option has many exciting time-saving features that will make it an easier and smoother process for customising invoices and simplifying the way that you get paid.

The Xero team said that they are working to focus their attention on the new invoicing rather than continuing to maintain the older more outdated version and that is why they’ve decided to retire it.  

So if you’ve not switched to the new style of invoice, we encourage you to start using it to get familiar with the new invoicing system, as that is where all the latest features will continually be added too. 

Having used it ourselves at Tag we have noticed the difference. It feels more modern and has a cleaner interface. It also has some great new functions that are sure to help speed up your invoicing. Here are some of the best features…

  • Attach files from Xero’s file library to your invoice

  • Copy information from invoices to other documents like quotes

  • Record overpayments against invoices so that credit can be applied to future invoices

  • View detailed history and notes like invoice number, contact email, and amount to keep an audit trail of changes made, when and by whom

  • Address invoices to a contact group, auto-generating identical invoices for all members of the contact group

  • Set a currency exchange rate for your invoice, either using the rate, an organisation-defined rate or by adding a rate straight to the invoice

  • View tax rates and breakdowns in the invoice creation screen (for those with multi-jurisdictional tax requirements)

Xero has recognised that there are a lot of features in classic invoicing that are important to their users and Xero has built those into the new version as well. Some of those being…

  • Copy information to a new invoice so you can save time generating invoices for your customers

  • Add previously invoiced items to your invoice with one click

  • Select products and services to add to your invoice, you can also add new items directly from the invoice screen

  • Keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily add dates, make calculations, and navigate through invoice creation

  • Record payment on an invoice, including applying any credit a customer has available

Making the switch to the new invoicing is incredibly simple. When creating a new invoice or editing an invoice there will be a ‘switch to new version’ button and when selected all of your previous settings and templates will seamlessly carry over to the new version.

If you have any questions or would like some training, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to help!


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