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Updated: Nov 6

Save time and money at Tax Time

Tax Time is fast approaching and it’s probably time to get things sorted. Here’s a few tips to save you time and money on your accounting bill.

The number one rule is to drop off clean tidy records, so:

1. Keep all your records. As well as your receipts keep hold of Bank Statements, Hire Purchases, Loan documentation etc.

2. Sort everything. If you’re not using an accounting package, then to save your accountant time, and you money, sort your bills into categories like ‘Fuel’, ‘Power’ ‘Insurance’, ‘Rates’ etc. then sort into date order.

3. Total it up. Add up all your expenses and sales revenue.

Basically it comes down to organisation. The better organised you are, the more time it will save an accountant to do your annual returns, which means more money in your pocket.

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