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What is Threads? Is it the new Twitter?

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Threads is the fresh new app by Meta that has received a lot of attention this last week with its release on the 5th of July 2023. Many are unsure about what it is, so in this blog post, we will hopefully be able to shed some light on what Threads is and whether you would want to use it to advertise your business.

What Is Threads?

In a lot of ways Threads is similar to Instagram, it is designed to have the same look and feel as Instagram but with a lot of the features that make Twitter great.

With Threads, while it is primarily focused on text posts, you still have the option to post photos and videos. Unlike Instagram, you can also post links, which is excellent for business owners who want to promote their businesses!

Should You Use Threads For Your Business?

With it being such a new platform it could be hard to decide whether it's right to start using it for your business, especially if you are already focusing on advertising on a different social media.

The good thing about it being a small social media currently (if 10m+ downloads can even be considered small), is that it makes it easier to get seen and heard. The issue with many different social media is that there are often billions of users on them, making it nearly impossible to get noticed. It's very rare to have an opportunity like this - a social media that is new and has the definite potential to become massive, possibly even taking over Twitter.

There are of course issues, which should be expected. The algorithm for example is not quite as advanced as Instagram or Twitter, so sometimes the feed shows you things that don't feel curated to your particular taste. But of course, as more users join and interact with the app that will change and get better.

It'll be interesting to see where the platform goes and how well it performs. I f you are interested in reading more about Threads we suggest checking out the blog that Meta wrote for the release of Threads.


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