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AIM Provisional Tax

Aim Provisional Tax

This is a ‘cash flow’ game changer for paying Provisional Tax and is aimed at making the payments more accurate i.e. if you don’t make a profit you won’t need to pay provisional tax.

This is available to tax payers that:

  • Are using an AIM-capable software system like XERO or MYOB

  • Anyone with less than a $5m turnover, with some exceptions

  • Have not been excluded from using AIM.

You pay provisional tax two-monthly, in time with your GST & it is worked out on the taxable profit for that period providing a more accurate result.

If you opt in:

  • It just means you are committed to the scheme for the full year.

  • First AIM payment 28th June, so you need to opt in now.

  • This eliminates the 3 sporadic Provisional Tax payments throughout the year & your wash up of terminal should be minimal.

If you feel you would like to take this opportunity please contact us now.

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